Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Party - Part 2

So after 3 days of cleaning, cooking, decorating, the big day was last Sunday. And let me tell you, I know how to throw a party. Everyone had a blast! And everyone was duly impressed with the goodies.

Eyeball & Mummy Cupcakes:

Witch's Cauldron Cupcakes:

Graveyard Cupcakes:

And (my personal favorite) Caramel/Chocolate Covered Apples:

We had about 23 kids at the house, and up to 11 or 12 parents at a time. Look, my house just isn't that big. And these aren't just any kids. They're football players. Rowdy, rambunctious, competitive football players. Oy!

And other than the mud on the carpet (still don't know when I'll be able to get the carpets shampooed), and one broken decoration (a borrowed one, at that) we came through it relatively unscathed.

And jumped right back into football. I'll post about post season later.

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