Thursday, June 30, 2011

Always Time for Learning

So I'm changing Avery this morning, and as usual his little hands head straight for the "diaper area." I'm pretty sure he thinks it will fall off if he lets go when he doesn't have a diaper on.

In an effort to outsmart him, I attempt to provide a distraction. I give him a frilly hair doo-dad. Which he immediately applies to his nether regions. Geez.

And then I say it:"That is not a pom-pom for your pee-pee!" And clear as day he says, "Pee-pee?" Really?! I've been trying to teach you to say any number of useful words, and pee-pee is the one you pick up on the FIRST time?! Fanfreakintastic. Boys.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I don't know where she gets it...

Abby must have decided AC needed help with dinner. Here she is feeding him rice. I love how she opens her mouth when she holds the fork up and says "Mmmm" every time he takes a bite.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Jacob: "I Joshua Chamberlain Nimmo..."
Josh: "I Joshua Chamberlain Nimmo..."
Jacob: "Pledge"
Josh: "Some word" (apparently Jacob made a face) "Sorry! I don't know that word is!"
Jacob: "I Joshua Chamberlain Nimmo..."
Josh: "I Joshua Chamberlain Nimmo..."
Jacob: "PROMISE..."

Apparently Josh was not wanting to tell Jacob where his new Nerf gun was. So Jacob had to drink watermelon juice (which is apparently a bad thing?) before Josh would tell him.

***Add on
Josh just called Jacob a cannibal because he eats saltines. (Cracker. lol He IS pretty white.)

Happy Birthday JACOB!!!

Well, today my little Cuddlebug hits double digits. I can’t lie, it makes me a little sad.

But he is such an amazing kid! He’s super smart and has a witty streak that rivals a lot of adults’. He keeps me in stitches (when he doesn’t have me fuming). He has grown up a lot the past couple years and has overcome some anger issues. I still blame those on the red hair!

The only thing he REALLY wanted for his birthday was to go fishing with Dad. “Dad” is always Randy. He always specifies when he’s talking about his biological father. I’m so glad he and Randy have such a great relationship!

But you know I couldn’t go without doing something for his birthday. And Josh thought we should decorate. Only problem? I cannot find tape ANYWHERE! So we did what any good Okies would do, we used duct tape. Josh did a pretty good job, I thought.

And this morning, Jacob couldn’t stand it any longer, so I let him open his gifts before I came to work. He doesn’t like cake, so I’ve decided to respect his wishes (as much as it kills me) and we will have ice cream sundaes tonight. I’m kinda looking forward to that myself.

MIA Much?

Wow. Things are just crazy right now. I mean, I know everyone has their issues and everything. I think I'm just not coping with mine very well.

There's nothing bad-wrong. Just wonky. I've been busy with getting Dad settled, trying to find him some senior activities in our area. I haven't been super successful at that yet along with work and TMOM activities and keeping up with the kids. The crazy thing is, we're not even in sports right now. This fall will be REALLY interesting.

Everyone is growing up and getting big. Josh went to church camp and loved it. He has some sort of fancy pants swimming lessons coming up along with a hiking trip to Colorado with Chad. Jacob is going to Alaska with his Pappy (DeJarnett) and celebrating a birthday TODAY.

Jackson has decided he wants a Stepdad too. That took some explaining. But I see where he's coming from. The brothers seem to be going off to exotic, fun places and Jack is stuck at home with us. Poor kid.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Or not.

Yeah, the blog a day thing isn't happening. I'm lucky to get dressed everyday. Sheesh.

We did make it to Target today, but lordy what an adventure. I'm ready for work tomorrow.

Why no pictures, you ask? The twins broke my new camera. Niiiiice.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We are adjusting to having an extra person in the house. My Dad has moved in with us. Permanently. 8 people. 3 bedrooms. You do the math.

But it will be fine. Anybody want to remodel my garage?

But apparently he left a box with all of his bills that need paid and his checkbook at the house. Umm. Whuck? Now, in theory, I could go online and pay his bills. But nothing is set up. And to set up a login with a utility company, you have to have the account number.

So tomorrow, he has to call and at least get account numbers so that I can set up the accounts, and then make the payments. In my free time. lol

Today is Embrace the Camera - so we're embracing Papaw Abell.

This is from 2007 or so...

...and this was from this winter. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What She Wore Wednesday

This was totally not staged-I swear! She came out of the boys' room with the cowboy hat. Awww.

My Super Model

A friend of mine is doing a Blog A Day in June. So being the copycat that I am, I think I'll try it too. It will be a good way to get back in the habit of blogging, right? (Or just one more thing I don't get around to and then feel guilty about?)

Anyway- I feel bad that Jackson kind of got shortchanged. He had his photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and he was AMAZING! He was posing and doing "serious faces." It was hilarious, but it sure made for some good photos! He could seriously be a model.

Here are a few:

The rest of them are online at under Clients, then Portrait Sessions. The password is "jackson". Again, there are wayyyyy too many to choose from, but I just love them! Shea did such a good job and Jack wouldn't shut up couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had.

Man, I love that little guy. Even when he's ornery. Like when I asked him what the best part about school was this year, he said "Well, sometimes when Mrs. Childers isn't around..." I cracked up too much at that point, so he didn't finish telling me what happened when he wasn't around.