Thursday, June 30, 2011

Always Time for Learning

So I'm changing Avery this morning, and as usual his little hands head straight for the "diaper area." I'm pretty sure he thinks it will fall off if he lets go when he doesn't have a diaper on.

In an effort to outsmart him, I attempt to provide a distraction. I give him a frilly hair doo-dad. Which he immediately applies to his nether regions. Geez.

And then I say it:"That is not a pom-pom for your pee-pee!" And clear as day he says, "Pee-pee?" Really?! I've been trying to teach you to say any number of useful words, and pee-pee is the one you pick up on the FIRST time?! Fanfreakintastic. Boys.

1 comment:

Boni Lady said...

I feel your pain! Jonathan calls his a "Pee-sis!" Cracks me up!