Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Alive

I was listening to music from my own collection (versus the radio) on my way into work this morning. It occurred to me that most of my life, and personal views on things, can be explained through music. And all of that can be boiled down to this one song:

I'm Alive - Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews

A snippet that I particularly like:

"...I'm Alive

And today you know that's good enough for me
Breathing in and out's a blessing don't you see
Today's the first day of the rest of my life
And I'm alive and well..."

And proof that I am...

My friend Linda's daughter is a budding photographer and I needed some new pictures. So this weekend we did a little photo shoot. She took a TON of shots, but this is what she has edited so far:

She worked some magic, for sure! But indeed, I'm alive and well.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello Again.


Has it really been a year since I blogged? Almost! Wow. Time flies.

This is just a quick "catch up" post.

Here's where we are these days:

Josh is 14. (!!!!!) He's quite the musician. He plays the baritone euphonium and trombone with the school band. He's also started piano lessons and plays drums. And according to him he also plays several other instruments. He just has a natural talent that amazes me.

And of course he's gorgeous. Fortunately his little girlfriend Britni helps me chase off all of the other little girls. Now I just have to keep an eye on Britni! haha

Jacob is 11 going on 45. So witty and smart. But definitely has that firey red-head temperament. He is ten times funnier than most adults I know. I love that he has inherited my love of trivia too.

He is also playing in the school band. He started as a trombone player but just this week switched to tuba. He is playing both school soccer and rec league soccer this spring. Practice hasn't started just yet, but I told him he probably needs to start running now to get in shape. I really enjoy watching him play.

Jackson is 8. He's my sweetheart with the big brown eyes that will bring you to your knees. There's not much he can't get away with when he unleashes those puppy dog eyes. And he's so... conscientious. Homework done the first time I ask. Everything by the book.

Jack will also be playing soccer this spring. He sat out during the fall season and really regretted it. He loves Minecraft (borderline obsessed) and his Legos. Even his older brothers are impressed by his skills- and we all know how hard it is to impress older brothers!

Avery is 3. My little towhead. It would suit me just fine if he kept the blonde hair, but I doubt he will. He's such a cuddly little thing. He loves to color and clean. Both are okay by me.

Abigail is 3, also (obviously). She is a little firecracker. She's so tiny but don't let that fool you, she can hold her own with all these boys. And she is completely obsessed with Zac Brown Band right now- especially the song "Keep Me In Mind." She knows all the words and loves to sing along in the car. Don't know where she gets that. haha

And as for me- I'm doing so well. I've recently been promoted at work. I was making noises about finding something in Kansas City. I'd love to be closer to Travis and Becky and their clan. But apparently the management team here likes me enough to want to keep me around. They made me quite an offer - so I'll be in Tulsa at least another 18 months.

Our house is crazy busy, but we're managing it all fairly well. Actually not much has changed, except a lighter, happier atmosphere- and I'm so glad for that.

Here's a pic from Christmas. I'll start posting more often with stories and pictures to keep you up to date and just because I forgot how much I liked blogging.

(Hi Aunt Jo! I'm back!)