Monday, June 27, 2011

MIA Much?

Wow. Things are just crazy right now. I mean, I know everyone has their issues and everything. I think I'm just not coping with mine very well.

There's nothing bad-wrong. Just wonky. I've been busy with getting Dad settled, trying to find him some senior activities in our area. I haven't been super successful at that yet along with work and TMOM activities and keeping up with the kids. The crazy thing is, we're not even in sports right now. This fall will be REALLY interesting.

Everyone is growing up and getting big. Josh went to church camp and loved it. He has some sort of fancy pants swimming lessons coming up along with a hiking trip to Colorado with Chad. Jacob is going to Alaska with his Pappy (DeJarnett) and celebrating a birthday TODAY.

Jackson has decided he wants a Stepdad too. That took some explaining. But I see where he's coming from. The brothers seem to be going off to exotic, fun places and Jack is stuck at home with us. Poor kid.

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Boni Lady said...

poor kid...wants a step-dad! must be confusing for him! cute though!