Thursday, June 2, 2011


We are adjusting to having an extra person in the house. My Dad has moved in with us. Permanently. 8 people. 3 bedrooms. You do the math.

But it will be fine. Anybody want to remodel my garage?

But apparently he left a box with all of his bills that need paid and his checkbook at the house. Umm. Whuck? Now, in theory, I could go online and pay his bills. But nothing is set up. And to set up a login with a utility company, you have to have the account number.

So tomorrow, he has to call and at least get account numbers so that I can set up the accounts, and then make the payments. In my free time. lol

Today is Embrace the Camera - so we're embracing Papaw Abell.

This is from 2007 or so...

...and this was from this winter. 


Boni Lady said...

I love how "this is from last winter" shows them all eating ice cream! LOL...

It WILL be fine!

Nesser said...

I just noticed the look on Jackson's face too... haha