Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday JACOB!!!

Well, today my little Cuddlebug hits double digits. I can’t lie, it makes me a little sad.

But he is such an amazing kid! He’s super smart and has a witty streak that rivals a lot of adults’. He keeps me in stitches (when he doesn’t have me fuming). He has grown up a lot the past couple years and has overcome some anger issues. I still blame those on the red hair!

The only thing he REALLY wanted for his birthday was to go fishing with Dad. “Dad” is always Randy. He always specifies when he’s talking about his biological father. I’m so glad he and Randy have such a great relationship!

But you know I couldn’t go without doing something for his birthday. And Josh thought we should decorate. Only problem? I cannot find tape ANYWHERE! So we did what any good Okies would do, we used duct tape. Josh did a pretty good job, I thought.

And this morning, Jacob couldn’t stand it any longer, so I let him open his gifts before I came to work. He doesn’t like cake, so I’ve decided to respect his wishes (as much as it kills me) and we will have ice cream sundaes tonight. I’m kinda looking forward to that myself.

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Boni Lady said...

Happy birthday Jacob! So cool that you are 10 years old! That's a pretty awesome age!