Friday, July 1, 2011

Embrace the Camera (Late)

We've had a busy couple of days, and it's going to get busier too, but in a good way!

Wednesday, Vicki and Jeffrey got back from North Carolina. Their move turned into more of a vacation. So they came by to say "hi" and visit the babies for a bit.

Yesterday, I met Tami and her girls at Target to look for a life vest for Abby for all of the upcoming pool parties. I didn't have any luck, but we had a good time.

Then after work, we had Vicki over for supper since I had a huge pot of beans in the crockpot. She hung out with the kids and Papaw so I could meet up with some friends for a girls night out. My friend Cathey is in Tulsa for the week from DC. It was SO good to see her and have a night to just unwind for a couple of hours.

Today, Cathey hosted a pool party at her house. I LOVE her pool and so do the kids! It was awesome, but lordy, those twins wore me out! To be fair, the boys were great help. All of us twin mommas were wore out, I think. If I recall, there were 5 sets of twins there. Good times.

Sunday and Monday we have pool parties, too. Fortunately, those times Randy will be there to help.

And while I was sitting trying to contain Abby, I snapped a quick picture of us for this week's embrace:

See her glasses on her head? She does that herself. 

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Boni Lady said...

Great embrace pic! Wish we could've been there!