Monday, July 4, 2011


Man oh man, did we have a good weekend! And Jacob only got a little red on the cheeks and Josh got a little bit pink on his back. Not bad for 3 real pool parties and 1 kiddie pool event.

Tonight we went to my friend Tami's Mom's house. She lives right here in Catoosa, and wouldn't you know it, she already knew Randy! Of course. They actually know each other fairly well, since they both went through Catoosa's Citizen's Police Academy together. How funny!

They have a great "indoor" pool- it's in a pool house thing that reminds me of a greenhouse kind of. It's a great pool and we all had fun. But we bailed early because the babies were so tired. (Of course it was their fault, it wasn't me that was tired! No no no... lol)

I ran to Old Navy before the party to grab Josh some new swim trunks. He's grown. The ones I picked up were too small. But the good news is, since I picked up a new suit for Josh and one for Avery, I got one item free, which just HAPPENED to be a swimsuit for the princess.

It has ruffles on the butt!

Avery sure had a good time in the kiddie pool/splash pad. Until it popped. :(

And THIS is how hot it was today:

I left a can of soda in the car, and the top blew off! I have never had that happen before!

Oh...and since I didn't post yesterday, here are some pictures from the Baker 4th of July Party. There were at LEAST 95 people there- and they cooked 120 hamburgers! 

Uncle Rob & Aunt Sherri bought a kiddie pool just for the twins. How thoughtful!

We dragged Papaw with us.

Okay, the wheelchair basketball probably requires some explanation. Aunt Sherri's nephew, Logan, is in a wheelchair. He plays basketball and as a junior in high school is being recruited by several schools and has some awesome scholarship offers on the table already. He's very inspirational to everyone. So Uncle Rob put in a half-court basketball set up and they have several wheelchairs so everyone is playing on even footing, so to speak. It looked like everyone had fun.

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