Thursday, May 5, 2011

What She Wore Wednesday

Here is what she wore yesterday:

What's that you say? Sundresses shouldn't be floor length? Well, ya see. Some of the clothes that I had sorted (too big, too small, not cute) got rehung in the closet by mistake. The things hanging in the closet are only supposed to be the size they are wearing right now. That way, Randy can reach in and grab anything, and not worry about checking sizes, etc.

Well, apparently, there's no going back to the closet, even if something doesn't seem right. He DID however pin the straps at the back so it would stay on. And the plus side is, I know I'm going to like those colors on her.

As for the hair, I really need to teach Randy how to do pony tails, but so far he's resisting, so most of the time she runs around looking like Cousin It.

AC, on the other hand, was a victim of the "too small" pile.

But again, we have so many clothes, I can't really expect him to remember what fits and what doesn't. Guess I'll be going through their closet again this weekend. :)

Does anyone else have interesting outfits when Daddy helps?


Rachel said...

Too big?
Too little?
Doesn't matter...they're just cute!

Lisa Gayle said...

I love the sundress and think it's SUPER CUTE! :D