Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two Things Tuesday-Thankful Edition (Errr... Wednesday)

My friend Rachel always does "Two Things Tuesday" - you can see it here: The Boni Bunch. So today, I'm going to be thankful for two things. (Even though I now realize it's Wednesday. Ugh. lol)

1- I have a job. And most of the time, I like it. It's not necessarily glamorous, but it pays the bills and I get to help people.

2- I got an award today, so that incorporates several things to be thankful for:
     *My friend Linda, for nominating me
     *My boss for writing a recommendation letter
     *My customer, Louis- once, one of my most challenging to deal with but now I consider him a friend- for writing another recommendation letter
     *The people who read my paper and chose me to be the winner
     *My company for supporting my continuing education
     *My boss for driving me to OKC to get the award. I blew off the invite at first, but it turns out it was kind of a big deal. Who knew? I probably should have spent more than 30 minutes on the paper!
     *The presenter who has a Master's degree who said my paper was "exceptionally well written." Along with a lot of other really nice things. Borderline mortifying.

And I got a cool plaque thing and flowers. Woohoo! What are your two things today?


JayMay said...

Congratulations on the award. Well deserved and so exciting!

Boni Lady said...

Wahoo! Thanks for the shout out... and congrats!