Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Time, No See

Wow! It's been a loooooooooong time! And boy, has my life changed. We had TWINS. Shut. Up. Twins?!

I knew after we had Jackson, that there was no way I would stop there. I just knew I needed one more. Yes, one. I have this weird thing where I wanted an even number of children. (Shush... I already said it was weird.)

Anyway, we decided not to "try" but more "stop trying NOT to" have another baby. I went off the depo shot. And sure the time I went to Kansas for the birth of Miss Maddy, I was certain I was pregnant. And figured I was 12-14 weeks along, just judging by how tired I was, and how sick. Oh wow, was I sick. I was losing weight. That's a new one for me.

Funny, while I was in Kansas we found out that my nephew, Travis, and his wife, Becky, were expecting twins. I got a good laugh out of that one. I mean-they already had 3 kids, what were they going to do with 2 more?

Again-Karma's a bitch.

**Tangent Alert**

Miss Maddy was born June 22nd and I have never been so happy as I was for Chris & Angela. Seriously, I can't think of anyone who will be better parents. They have Seth, but Chris needed a little girl!

Anyway, so after getting a little chuckle at Becky & Trav having FIVE kids... on July 8th, I found out that guess what? I was having twins. And I was only about 8 weeks along.

I thought they would NEVER get here...but I delivered them at 36 weeks 3 days on January 25th.

Abigail Isabella Renee (left) 5 lbs 7 ozs
Avery Carter Vaughn (right) 6 lbs 10 ozs

Okay, so I'm pretty much out of time. Sorry this was so jumbled! But I have lots more to blog about. It's been a super-busy year!

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