Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Day

Got the kids off to school (including Jeffrey)
Took a power nap (3 hours of sleep just isn't enough-don't know how Randy does it)
Target trip
Babies photo shoot (Shea Casey was awesome with them.)
Drop babies & Randy off so the floor people could come do an estimate
Ran to order Brittany's wrist corsage (meant to call earlier in the week, but forgot)
Back to Target to return shoes (which I discovered I didn't have with me)
Took all the boys for a haircut
Got my haircut & brows waxed (yay)
Got Jackson dressed up for his gig as a crown bearer
Went to Pryor for Tiffany's coronation as Choir Queen-it's apparently a big deal...was almost like a wedding!
Supper with the Wrights at a Mexican restaurant
I'm ready for bed! (Did I mention I was out until 2 am last night? It was nice to go on a date with no kids for a change.)

Too many pics, I know. But I couldn't choose. He's just so cute! And isn't Tiffany gorgeous? And she has a twin! Lol

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Vicki said...

I love that pic of Jack winking! Cute! I remember this crazy day! LOL OH yeah, catching up on blogs, can ya tell? hee hee