Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Rage

Okay this is not my typical blog- you've been warned.

Here's the deal. I live near (very, very near- like I can't go anywhere without going by) an intersection affectionately known by locals and local newscasters as Dysfunction Junction.  There are highway entrance and exit ramps with stop lights to the north and to the south. (I need to find a diagram.)

Recently the Indians chipped in a bunch of money so that the entire area could be re-done. Adding lanes, new bridges, new stoplights every 50 feet. It's all lovely and traffic flows much more smoothly.

That being said, the off ramps now have double turn lanes. Great. Fantastic. I have no problem with that except: PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. When you are turning, you need to stay in your own bloody lane. Every idiot comes over into my lane when they turn.

I honk. I do. I feel it's my civic duty to educate these people. Although I don't know if they can be helped. If they're too stupid to follow the little dotted lines on the ground, it is probably a lost cause.

Really, people. There's a sign with a picture for pity's sake. You know the one...two curved arrows. Not two arrows merging into one. Two arrows coexisting peacefully side by side. Never the twain shall meet.

I may turn into one of those crazy people standing on the street corner with a sign preaching my gospel. Although my sign will be an instructional diagram.  Maybe with "STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE" in large letters...


Rachel B. said...

Awesome. Hilarious. And Ohhh so true! We have some areas like that here and I get quite peeved at the dimwitts who can't follow directions!

Rachel said...

if it weren't for the fact that it would hurt your van, i would say just keep driving... that'll teach 'em!! LOL... you ARE in a pretty messed up little area of traffic, aren't you? hehe

Vicki said...

HAHAHAHA I will stand right beside ya sista!! :) I stay in my own lane and keep goin!! Bring it on, dummies!! :)