Monday, March 7, 2011

Leprechaun Trap & Good Big Brothers

Jackson's class is making Leprechaun Traps. You know, they're tricky little buggers. Whatever you tell them to do, they do the exact opposite. Jackson plans on the leprechaun dancing himself to exhaustion before falling in the hole under the gold. lol

To be fair, his original design was much cooler...but I don't have the necessary tool and equipment. He drew an awesome little blueprint. 

And a pic from this weekend's trip to Kansas:

Both twins were sick, but Abby was having the worst of it during the dinner we had on Saturday at the church. When she was finally able to go to sleep, Josh had to go lay by her in case she woke up...awww... He really is a good big brother. At least until they get old enough to torture. 

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