Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Going to Hell

A friend once told me not only was I going to hell, but I have a fast pass to the front of the line. Kind of like what you get at Disneyland.

Today's random thought is a great example of why I'm in the fast lane.

First, let me be very VERY clear: the catastrophe in Japan is a horrible tragedy. The loss of life and the thought of those people suffering breaks my heart. It truly does.


I was listening to an interview on the radio from Japan. Someone was looking for his missing wife and child. (Horrible-I can't even imagine.) And they said he was handing out descriptions of them.


Let me guess: dark complexion? dark, almond shaped eyes? dark hair?

I mean, really? How helpful is that going to be? I know it's not funny-funny, but you have to admit it's kind of pause-for-thought funny.


Rachel B. said...

your a mess girl! and no, your not going to hell! :-) xo

sunflower2100 said...

it is kinda funny :)

Martha said...