Monday, March 21, 2011

Separation Anxiety

The babies have developed a little separation anxiety. I don't remember it ever being so bad with any of the boys, but it could just be that it's harder when there are two little widgets following you to the door crying.

And when I get home-holy guacamole!

Jake and Jack still usually run out to greet me. And the babies are standing at the door, already crying to be picked up. I secretly like it a little that they are so happy to see me. But I need to remember to use the restroom before I leave work, because it takes forever to get a chance once I get home.

Today they were especially clingy. I bribed them with "cookies" (animal crackers) so I could get the lasagna in the oven. They ate so many though, that I'm sure that part of the problem was just that they were hungry. And they still ate a TON of lasagna. Like, an impressive amount.

All in all, there are worse problems to have.

    (See her little leg sticking out? Silly girl.)

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Jerry & Cathey said...

Love the use of "widget"... hehehe