Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Sale Day!

Today was the big, semi-annual TMOMs sale. Our girls did a fantastic job this year, especially with publicity. Here is our spot on Channel 6 news:

News On 6 TMOM story

I didn't buy much big stuff. Well, I got a side by side stroller, but I only had to pay $30. Great deal!

I picked up some cute clothes, including one or two things for Abria and Zanissa. Sure makes the clothes budget go a lot further.

I had dinner last night after I unloaded my stuff with two MOM friends and lunch today with another MOM friend. It was nice to get to talk to them when we weren't in a huge group. Chit chat was definitely the best part of the event!

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Jerry & Cathey said...

So fun!! A side x side for $30 is fabulous! Sure can't wait until I'm in on one of those dinner/lunches with other TMOMs!! :)