Monday, April 25, 2011

Care Packages

So Jacob's Nana (Mary) likes to send us goodies. Our Easter box came today! I was every bit as excited as the kids. There is almost always a little bit of home cookin' in there.

She and Devon are so sweet- they always include all of the kids, even though Jacob is the only one I would expect them to buy for. It certainly makes MY life easier that they buy for everyone!

The babies had their first Peeps!

And we ate at the dinner table again tonight. Our kitchen is really too small, but we occasionally make the effort to squeeze everyone in. It's nice to sit and have a conversation without a tv, computer, or video game interrupting. I think we'll try this more often.

And- how could I forget?- the twins turn 15 months old today! They are growing up so fast!

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