Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday's Post- Land Run Day

Pretend it's Friday- work with me here.

I had the day off for Good Friday, but the kids still had school.

It was Oklahoma Land Run day for Jackson. They emulate the way they chose plots of land when they settled Oklahoma. It's cute and they always have fun. Don't get me started on the people who snuck out the night before the original Land Run to claim plots of land- it should be Oklahoma "Cheaters" not "Sooners"... just sayin'.

Could he be any cuter??

This is what happens when you give the camera to a 6 year old.

Jackson's friend, Taylor. Apparently Taylor talks about Jackson "all the time." Her Mom's words, not mine.

And there was a pushing match between two little girls to see who got to stand in line by Jackson. He ended up in the middle- looking a little wide-eyed. lol


Rachel said...

Hey...Bella has that same butterfly shirt!! Our girls are SO cute! Hehe!

Nesser said...

Yes, yes they are.

We should confuse people and take both sets of twins out, but dress the girls alike. That'll make 'em wonder. lol