Monday, April 11, 2011

Miss me?

I spent the weekend enjoying the kids. Nothing major, just not much time to blog.

Tonight we had to run to Sam's for milk. Last week we only used about 7 gallons of milk, but when it is 90 cents per gallon cheaper, it's worth the trip.

The babies had on super cute outfits when I left this morning. I didn't really expect the white shirts to last all day, but I wish I got a decent picture of them before work.

So this is Abby's second outfit of the day. It felt very Jackie O. with the black capris. I wish I had a little headscarf for her.


Rachel said...

i DID miss you! i've missed 50 sticky fingers too! y'all have left me stranded in the world of BLOG! LOL

Glad you had fun with the munchkins, but SO GLAD that you're back to Blog!

Nesser said...

I'm glad at least SOME body leaves me a comment! I hope Martha rejoins us soon!

Vicki said...

Hey! What am I? Chopped liver??
So, OK... I admit, I'm usually LATE with the comments... and catching up on the blogs! But I do look forward to your pics on fb everyday!! :)

I loved all the sunglass ones, btw...

Nesser said...

I got a pic this morning of Jake's aviators...too funny! Josh still needs a pair though.

I know you comment, but I'm an immediate gratification kind of girl. And as I announced at the last meeting, I'm pretty much an attention whore. lol