Sunday, April 17, 2011

MOMS Gone Wild

The Oklahoma Mothers of Multiples Convention was amazing! We had a blast! We laughed so much that my sides hurt and my cheeks ached.

The women in the group are awesome, of course. I so enjoyed getting to meet new people and getting to know others better. Some perhaps a little too well!

We went to the Sycamore Springs Ranch in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. It was beautiful, and peaceful. Well, except for the Moms. haha

The view from my cabin.

Part of the buffalo herd we saw on our hayride.

The Whole Gang
I had a great time, and the kids came through relatively unscathed thanks to Aunt Jacki and Aunt Carrie, and Daddy of course.

Speaking of... Randy pretty much couldn't care less about my trip. Don't get me wrong, he was glad that I had a good time, but didn't want to know the particulars.

Jacob, on the other hand, was asking questions like "Did you enjoy your trip? What was your favorite thing that you did? Did you meet any new people that you liked?" When I told him there was karaoke, but "I don't sing in public," he said "that's what the wine was for." HA!


Rachel said...

Ahem... you DID sing...even if that's not your "nitch" (catch-phrase) you sang... I HEARD IT! LOL... I had a blast- it was great getting to know so many people!

Nesser said...

I did love the Catchphrase!