Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moms for a Cause

Tonight was the monthly TMOM meeting. I love these girls, I really do!

We elected new board members and committee chairs tonight, and yeah, I ended up with some jobs. Not 100% sure what all I signed up for. I'm sure someone will clue me in.

And a bunch of us showed up with no shoes. Why, you ask? Celebrating TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes Campaign.  My friend Dana brought it to our attention. She's kind of a hippie, but we love her anyway. And this is a great cause! I know I take for granted how easy it is to just grab one of many, many pair of shoes when I leave the house. Please check out the website if you have a minute. Mmmmkay? Thanks.

Here we are in our barefoot glory:

It was awesome...except for one of the moms who really REALLY hates feet! Bless her heart, she looked like she wanted to hurl the whole time! 


Lisa Gayle said...

I know! I felt so bad for her! She was trying so hard to keep her eyes off the floor. :D

Nesser said...

I know...poor thing. And when Chrissy kept kicking her leg. Kinda like Ella with grass, huh? LOL