Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Sunday

My friend does a cute thing called "Grateful Heart Friday" on her blog. (Check out her blog at: The Boni Bunch) It's not Friday, but I realized in the WalMart bakery section today that I do, indeed, have a grateful heart.

Why, you ask? Because for one, I was shopping by myself. Which is just I love my munchkins, and I like to have company; but WalMart on a Sunday is not for the faint of heart and certainly not with five little ducklings trailing behind. We're quite a spectacle, even when everyone is on their best behavior.

Secondly, because I am blessed to be able to go to WalMart and get everything we need and a lot of things we want. That is something I tend to take for granted. I know not everyone is so fortunate. And so, my heart was filled with gratitude.

And turns out we can be a spectacle even when I don't take the munchkins. I had a couple people comment on how full my basket was. hehe I just shrugged and said "5 kids." That kind of sums it up.

And in case you're wondering, it officially becomes a workout after you add the 4 gallons of milk to the cart. I'll be back on Wednesday for more.

(And just because this top is so cute it's ridiculous, here are some pictures. I picked it up last year on the clearance rack at Crazy 8. I love that place!)

Oh- and since the boys were so helpful putting away groceries when I got home, I got to spend my time making meals for the coming week. Browned the meat for spaghetti sauce (saves a ton of time), tacos, meatloaf, AND made a batch of brownies with Josh's help. The boys put together a movie theater and we watched a movie, ate popcorn and brownies. So much to be grateful for!


Rachel said...

thanks for the shout out! have i told you lately that your kiddos are adorable?? cause...they are!!

Nesser said...

Thanks, Rach! I think they're cute, but I'm biased! lol