Sunday, February 27, 2011

1st Birthday Mini-Party

Okay, so I've been "in a funk" lately. I just couldn't muster the energy to clean the house and get ready for the party and all of that.

Then Randy texts me Saturday that he has training all day on Sunday for the fire department (after working over night and before working Sunday night). I told him we need to just cancel the party and let the people he invited know. I figured we would just do a little party with the twins- which is probably good, since at that age they can easily be overwhelmed.

I did make them each a birthday cake to match the
decorations I picked up.

They really seemed to enjoy the cakes. Abby ate the red dot off of her cake first. Avery ate the blue dot, then dug around until he found chocolate. And then of course, the princess had to have her finger in brother's cake. 

They really seemed to enjoy the balloons. Probably because they're such a choke hazard I have never let them play with balloons. AC even managed to sit on one and ride it like some sort of bucking bronc.

So, we have pictures to show the twins we DID celebrate their birthday. But we ended up not going over the top. Even though I totally would have, if I'd had the energy!

Best line of the day was from Jacob: "Babies are so funny! I'm so glad you had these two!"


Martha said...

that is so sweet! Babies at that age don't need you to go all out, the party is more for you then for them. Great Cakes :)

Rachel said...

awesome..."i'm glad you had these two!" so cute! happy birthday to the babies