Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's All About... Me???? & WTHISWW

So I badgered and badgered Randy about what he wanted for Valentine's Day. I ordered him a bottle opener he wanted for work, but that didn't seem like much. Finally, Monday night, he told me he knew what he wanted, but if he told me, I had to do it. (Scary, right?)

And what did he want? He wanted me to spend money on ME! That is ridiculously hard for me to do. I am sure any of you who have seen me lately know I don't spend much money or time on myself. (My kids always look adorable though, just for the record.)

So today on my lunch break, I had a mini shopping spree. How fun is that? And to top it off I got some really, really good deals. I got 2 pairs of jeans, 1 skirt, 1 pair of dress pants, a blouse for work, 2 sweaters, 2 lacy camis for under the sweaters and a new nightgown. And I'm still under the amount he wanted me to spend! And he said I have to show him receipts, or it doesn't count. Obviously I have a problem if he has to threaten me! haha

My friend Martha writes the cutest blog at and she does What She Wore Wednesday with her daughter, Avrah. (She also has 4 boys and a girl.)

So I jokingly told her I'd be scared to do WSWW, because if I don't dress the kids before I leave, there's no telling what I'll come home to, but odds are good it will be their pajamas.

But hey, why not? I figure it adds a little adventure to the blog. So, today is my first What The Heck Is She Wearing Wednesday! And you guessed it, PJs!!

They are super cute polka dot PJs, but they're still PJs. She was due for a bath, too, so I put her & her brother in the tub and then put them in even cuter thermal jammies. But I didn't get a picture of that. We'll have to see if I remember to get one in the morning.

What did your cuties wear today? Blog it! And link Martha and me. C'mon, it'll be fun!

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