Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shopping Day

Josh went to his dad's for the weekend last night. Jacob went to his Pappy's. That left me, Jack & the twins to do the errand running today.  

While were were dropping Josh off, Abby learned to blow kisses. I say "learned." I did it once, and she did it right away. So cute!

Right before we left, AC got his finger caught in the tv stand in my room. Good grief, I thought we were going to have to take him to Pappy for stitches. (Pappy is Jacob's paternal grandfather, who is -rather conveniently- a doctor.) But the bleeding stopped, and he could move it okay, so I'm just going to keep it clean and see how it does.

But, since I woke Randy to help me assess the damage, he went ahead and loaded the babies in the van for me. As you can imagine, that's getting more difficult as they get bigger. 

So we were off to Target for party supplies, Payless to look for sandals for the babies, and then WalMart to grocery shop. I needed to make a couple of other stops, but after pushing two carts through WalMart, I was whipped. 

Randy unloaded the van when I got home. Thank goodness! And then he was off to wheel & deal. He found someone to buy the BMW. It's a shame. I liked that car better than most he chooses.

And I'm starting a new project. I'm super excited about it, but I'll tell you more about that later, when I see how it turns out.

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Rachel said...

the two-cart shopping experience is all too familiar to me! It's nice to have xander push one cart while i push the other! We sure look like we've got our hands full!! Lol!!