Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm looking for someone to take 1 year pics of the twins, and maybe a session for Jackson. I've been really bad about keeping the professional portraits up to date. I think maybe birthday photos may be the way to go.

Now, in my dream world, where I have bazillions of dollars, I'd be getting them done here A Cherry On Top Photography . Absolutely the cutest, most professional I've seen locally. But pretty pricey. Well worth it, I'm sure. But since I'm looking at two sessions now, and you can't leave the big boys out on their birthday...

But I am hoping to save enough to have family pictures done there this summer.

In the meantime, do you know anyone who has a studio who takes great pictures that can be retouched with all the cool new effects? You know- the bright colors and everything? (See link above if you're not sure what I'm talking about.)

And you know me, I'm picky. I really want these indoors and I want something other than a plain white or WalMart background.

And no, it's not handy to drive to Kansas City, even if I AM related to one of KC's Top 10 photographers! (But that's pretty freakin' cool if you ask me.) Tim Yeaglin Photography

So any ideas? Help me out here...


Breanna said...

Shea Casey is great and very affordable. She did my kids one year pictures (they are posted on my fb page). Her webcite is sheacaseyphotography.com

Jerry & Cathey said...

Kristen Betts Mackey took our last pro pics. We've actually used her from out big fam pics too. She did a great job with the girls and with our whole family sitting. But I was a little disappointed because both times we didn't get many to choose from for me & Jerry. She's very talented, very good and very reasonable. But I don't know about the studio... Mostly outdoors stuff that I know of.

Nesser said...

Thanks guys- I'll look into both!

Martha said...

One of our Tmoms (Tracey S.) works for Nicole Kelley photography you can check out their fb page. Her pics are super cute! Not sure on prices though.

Nesser said...


There was music on that page. That alone is enough to make me NOT choose her. lol But I looked at the prices, and OUCH. It's even more than Cherry on Top! But- they are cute pics, for sure. Thanks for the tip though- I love to support TMOMs when we can. Maybe when I win the lottery? haha

Martha said...

Oops sorry about the music.. I have only seen it on my phone..so no music..WHY do they have to cost so much..Geez..oh and we do have another tmom (Kristen Branham) who is a photographer, I think she is probably expensive ($200) too, but hers are more modern http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Free-Range-Photography/115931515144399

mythoughtsexactly said...

My cousin does photography here is her website - http://www.photobluebird.blogspot.com
She's also on face book - http://www.facebook.com/photobluebird

Pricing is great-
1-2 people $35/hour
3-5 people $40/hour
6-10 people $50/hour

pricing for prints are also posted on website.
She's doing Matt and My engagement and wedding pic's.