Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera Thursday & Snow Days

So I'm not great at this "too much free time" thing. I'm not productive. I don't do things I should, like cleaning. I have, however, read two books. I think I'm going to download another eBook to my laptop tonight.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know we're experiencing Snowmaggedon 2011. They actually closed my office for the first time since, well...ever. We were closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We'll be open tomorrow, but I still can't really get out of our neighborhood.

Here are some pics toward the end of the snowfall. The boys couldn't wait to get outside, but it didn't last long. It's just too cold when you are up to your waist in snow.

I did have the foresight to pick up some projects for the boys on Monday while I was at Hobby Lobby. Here's Jackson working on a color by number:

I also made snow ice cream for the first time. So good- we loved it! We'll definitely be doing this every chance we get!

But I really am going stir crazy. The boys aren't even misbehaving, really, but my fuse gets shorter and shorter.

It's Embrace the Camera Thursday- so here I am with Jackson. He wanted to get a picture of him hugging me. Works for me!

Here's the link to the site that started the whole ETC thing:


Rachel said...

Fun times! Gotta love this snow! Are you at work today? Snowing some more now at my house! Enjoy your time at home!!

Super Lily said...

Wow, those images are a bit scary. That snow above the van looks heavy enough to dent the roof. But then again, I'm a Cali gal...what do I know about snow? lol