Monday, February 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Worked a little late and raced home to start supper. Since I was running late, I told Jacob & Jackson to go ahead and hop in the tub. They were filthy from playing outside.

SOMEhow, the bathroom door ended up being left open, and Avery climbed in, clothes and all. Antics like that are how he ends up with mystery bumps and bruises.

And a friend of mine posted pictures of her twins loving on each other, so I decided maybe they needed a little more "together" time. So I let them play together in the crib. It was cute, but more WWE than anything. Sigh.


Rachel B. said...

You'll get there with the loving! Keep trying and showing them and encouraging and eventually they'll do it! Mine are nearly 21 months.

Rachel said...

I agree with Rachel B. (hmmm that rhymed!) LOL...
Anyways, they WILL love each other one day... I PROMISE!