Monday, February 7, 2011

Free at Last, Free at Last...

So I finally ventured out of the house today. And since Randy cleared a narrow path down the driveway, I didn't even have to sled down to my van! For those of you who don't know- I live on a hill. At the top of the hill. And then I have a driveway that's at steeeeeep angle. It makes for interesting times in snow and ice.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I really have sledded down my drive to go to work. That's the easy part. Getting back up is a completely different story. I'm thinking of having a pulley system installed. Or maybe just one of those winches like you put on the front of a big truck.

I should be able to get to work tomorrow, too, but then the weathermen are projecting 5-10 inches of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Tonight after work, I made tacos for supper, tater tot casserole for tomorrow night, and started working on a trial run of cake balls for Jackson's party. They really need to chill before I shape them into balls. If it all works out, I'll post pictures and the recipe.

See how much I got done in just a couple of hours, versus days on end while I was snowed in? WHY didn't I make these meals over the weekend when I had nothing else to do. I. Don't. Know. I tell you, I have issues.

Did anyone else watch Glee? My DVR cut off the last few minutes so I had to watch online tonight. Jackson and Jacob were both all hyped up to see "Thriller." Jackson kept complaining that he couldn't keep his eyes open. I sent him to bed and he came back just a few minutes later with big ol' tears in his eyes. "I wanted to see 'Glee Thriller'" he says. Now how can I resist that? I let him climb into bed with me, but I didn't think he'd wake up for the song. But he heard the first line of "Thriller" music and he sat straight up in bed. Cracked me up! But he didn't make it all the way through the song, so I had to play it for him when I got off work.

I love Glee! And I especially love Darren Criss. He is amazing! Here is probably my favorite clip:

"Hey Soul Sister"

If you haven't watched it, don't knock it. If you do watch: who's your favorite character? story line? song? Feedback people. I need feedback! lol


Rachel bright said...

I <3 Glee. And it's on again tomorrow Woot! My favorite probably are the teachers! And I love the very few times when were shown that Sue really does have part of a heart!

Rachel said...

I <3 Glee music.. I have the soundtrack saved into my phone... HOWEVER, I have NEVER watched it! I have been the one "knocking" it for a long time! LOL!! SO... after listening to the soundtrack over & over, I have decided to START watching it! I'll letcha know what I think when I start it!

Martha said...

We watch it. Mr. Vargas <3's musicals so it is one of his favorites. I like the singing, but sometimes I feel it is over the top, I really liked the first few episodes best, I think it may have lost a little bit of it's sparkle, but I still watch.

Nesser said...

Rachel Bright- I do love when you see the "softer side of Sue." I think that's what keeps you from completely hating her and adds some depth to the character.

Rachel Boni- so funny... you should probably try to find the first few episodes. It's a good snowed in show- just have a Glee marathon!

Martha- I was just thinking that, too. The new stuff is just a little outrageous. I know I connected with the characters better early on. I <3 that Mr. Vargas <3's musicals- and he's straight. (I assume. lol) Because Jacob loves musicals too, and everyone gives him (and me) a hard time about it!

Martha said...

OH yes he loves show tunes, he was in Choir, and I can assure you that he is 100% straight..Don't let people give you a hard time about your son, its none of their business anyway :)