Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Shuffle

So the babies turn 1 tomorrow. Can you believe it? Last year at this time, I was huge, miserable and couldn't breathe. But I had no idea I would be pregnant less than 24 more hours. And look at them now-aren't they beautiful?

BUT we (meaning me) have decided that we are not celebrating until mid-February or so. Is that horrible? Well, with just finishing Dad's party and Jackson's coming up, I'm just going to be horrible then.

And at this point I think we aren't celebrating Jackson's birthday until next weekend. Josh will be at his Dad's this weekend, and I'd really like for him to be here. Plus, I can't quite muster the energy to even plan another cake just yet. I'm a wimp. haha

By the way- did you know that my kids rode from Catoosa to Salina and then from Salina to Catoosa without stopping? Not once. Shut UP. How cool is that? 4 and a half hours. My kids rock!

And here they are, ready to head home:


Rachel said...

It's their first birthday... who cares if you celebrate on the day or 2-3 weeks later!! As long as you have pictures of their first bday party, they will never know or care that it was a little late!! :)
Glad to have you back on blogger!

Martha said...

Happy birthday babies!