Friday, January 14, 2011


Missed a day, didn't I? Technically I did two the day before, so you're not going to hold that against me, are you?

Yesterday was a strange and busy day. The babies have been sick, so Randy took them to the doctor and I met them there. Dr. K. tested them for RSV, but they were all clear. Whew. Hopefully they'll be all better before we head to Kansas.

After that, I finally got ahold of Ernie & Anna- my cousins from Topeka who are in town for the Chili Bowl Races. Had fun meeting them at Ted's for a great Mexican lunch.

When I got back to work, a package had been delivered. Hmm? It was 2 dozen red roses from a company I work with! What a nice surprise!

When I left work, I stopped for a Starbucks- which Jackson spilled almost as soon as I got home. Randy was off work, so I could have ventured out. An evening in PJs sounded better though. And I didn't even mess with the computer (strange, I know).

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Rachel said...

Won't hold it against you... although, I AM glad it was you and not me! A couple nights ago, after going out with a friend and not getting home until 11pm, I turned on the computer to blog...just so I wouldn't be the first of the TMOMs who missed a day!! LOL...hahahahaha! :)
Love the flowers!!