Thursday, January 6, 2011


Do you ever meet people and things just "click"? That's how I feel about a lot of my new TMOMS friends. It's so nice, and encouraging- inspiring even- to be a part of this group of amazing parents (Moms plus Steve). But there are a couple who just are especially awesome.

It's nice to not be the only "freak show" with 5 kids. It's nice to talk to another woman struggling balancing a career and being a Mom. It's nice to find someone else who is a great Mom but can't seem to stay on top of the super clean and organized thing. And of course, there's a kindred spirit-an ornery one, but kindred all the same.

I had a great time Tuesday evening at the meeting. I'm going to make an effort to get to more of these meetings and outings and maybe create some new friendships along the way. Sounds like fun, no?

Tonight was a laid back evening - no practices, games or errands. And Randy thought we should order pizza. Who am I to argue?

I'm going to work on taking a few pictures each day. So that falls in with the "click" thing. And I'm really going to try to make sure to get all the kids, not just the babies. Although, not everyone wanted to cooperate:

Poor Josh was the last to get our stomach bug, and he's still not feeling 100%. Here are some better pictures - even though I hate pictures of me.

I need to work on a fancier layout, but this one will have to do for now. At least I'm blogging, right?


Martha said...

AH I think you look great in those pictures :). Hope Josh is feeling better soon, and that it doesn't go around again, hate when that happens.

Rachel said...

I agree with Martha... You look FANTABULOUS!! I also agree completely with you about TMOMs... Who knew you could click so well with so many people! I LOVE the relationships that have come about as a result of this group! LOVE YOU ANNISSA (and you too, Martha)... and of course any other TMOM reading this... love y'all too!

Nesser said...

Okay, so here I have to confess that I found the "Retouch" tool in iPhoto last night. But thanks, girls. :)

Love you all too!