Friday, January 7, 2011

Whole Lotta Crazy

Can I just say that we have more than our fair share of Crazies where I work? It's exhausting.

And after all that crazy, I came home, made a quick supper, changed the babies, packed their bag and headed to a basketball game.

Jacob is playing 4th grade bball and Randy is coaching. Tonight he had to work though, so one of the other dads stepped up and coached in his place. We stunk up the place, but not as bad as usual. I'd love to post a picture here, but I am the scorekeeper, so I'm always far too busy to dream of taking any pictures. I'm lucky to keep up with the scoring- let alone who scored any particular goal.

And I have to admit, I'm kind of a sports snob. I really only like football. We do soccer and basketball too, but not by my choice. Not that I would ever stop the boys from doing something they wanted to do, but ugh. I love watching them. And I yell and go nuts at every game.

I used to like a lot more sports. Maybe I'll like them more when they get better at it? What do you think?

Here's a cute picture from last night. And yes, you might have noticed that they were wearing the same pajamas last night, from the night before. Apparently Daddy decided it was pajama day yesterday. So I gave the babies a bath and put them in fresh jammies. While they were waiting for me to dress them, they were sporting their robes. Very Hugh Hefner:

Did I mention I am exhausted? I'm going to wrap this up for tonight. More basketball tomorrow. Maybe I can get someone to take pics on my camera???


Martha said...

Good job blogging after a long day, I know it can be hard. I also am needy for comments, I crave them like an addiction. I'm pretty sure it's a sickness :)

KarinaBee said...

I love the twins' robes! Yes, tres Hef, LOL!

Rachel said...

we multiples moms have to stick together with this whole comment thing! i look several times a day to see if anyone posted a martha says, it's like an addiction!! LOL...
enjoyed your blog today...i, too, prefer football!

LeAnna said...

We're not THAT crazy where you work. At least not in accounting.

I realize I'm not a MOM, but I am enjoying your blog.

Nesser said...

LeAnna- you're right, I think the accounting people are fairly normal. But all it takes is one conversation about an emergency dog enema to know that some people just aren't right!

I'm glad you're enjoying it- everyone is welcome, the MOMs are just being particularly motivating. lol