Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Playbook

So yesterday I mentioned my famous Family Playbook (FPB). So some of you asked more about it. Well that's kind of like showing someone yourunderwear drawer. And frankly, my drawers were a little ratty. So I decided to grab a new binder on my lunch break today, and I found the cutest five tab dividers- so the FPB got a makeover!

See the cute tabs? $1 for a 5 pack at Target. $2.74 for the hot pink binder and $1-something for a purple velcro pocket thingy to keep odds & ends in until I file them.

The first thing I see when I open the Book is my weekly calendar. I keep two weeks right in front. Also, there's a handy pocket where I put the good coupons I get. I don't coupon as well as some people do, but I'm trying to use one or two each trip. My niece Becky is amazing at saving major bucks when she shops, but I'm just not at that level yet.

I also have a monthly calendar behind the weekly. And there's another calendar in the "Finances" section, where I keep track of what should be paid and when. I like calendars, I guess.

The weekly calendar shows practices, meetings, games, Randy's nights off and paydays. This page has the most critical information because if anyone in the family (Randy) needs to know something, they probably won't look past the first page.

Then it is the "To Do List" section. Sometimes I have more than one going. Especially if I'm planning any sort of special event.

Then I have a "Shopping List" section to keep track of various non-grocery items I need to pick up. Diapers, birthday gifts, clothes for the babies (that seems to end up on there a lot "black leggings to match the cute new sweater," etc).

And then the "Grocery List" has its own section. Keep in mind, I usually print these ten at a time, so I use one, throw it out, and I'm ready to shop again.

Then we get into the Football-Basketball-Soccer sections. It might make more sense to organize by kid, but that's just not how I did it when I started. Maybe something to think about.

In several sections I also have the clear plastic page protectors that work great to drop receipts in when you pay for football registration, soccer uniforms-things like that.

And my biggest trick/secret/confession? I pad the list. I list things that are easy to do, or are partially done, so I have something to mark off. That really helps me get started.

I don't know if this will help any of you, but that's how I'm doing it. Any one else doing anything that works?


Martha said...

Wow that is nice, think I may need to steal this and modify it. I made a homework/papers folder I'll have to blog about it.

Rachel said...

Looks good... I just wonder though, with taking a million kids, plus all they need with them when you go somewhere, is the playbook just more cumbersome? I feel like my hands are already so full when we all go out??!!

Nesser said...

Good point, Rachel. 1. I have bigger boys who can help. 2. It fits perfectly in the side pocket of the diaperbag when I'm by myself.

Tubby & Robyn said...

I'll be in A LOT more contact with you when I have kids!! This is awesome!