Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Day

I made a trip - by myself - to Michael's to buy party supplies for the big 80th bash I'm planning. I also stopped by Target for diapers- absolute BEST buy on diapers- and the new Carter's store. The Carter's store was having a clearance sale!

I got a new dress for Abby for the party and a coordinating shirt for AC. Plus lots of new jammies-they are wearing the knees out of their old jammies when Daddy lets them crawl around in them all day. :)

I got the jammies below for a little over $4 each. Not bad, huh?


Rachel said...

what was the best deal you got on diapers? Are they on sale? Pjs are VERY cute! Love the carters store!

Nesser said...

Target is the best place to buy diapers- I've calculated the cost per diaper pretty much everywhere and that's the best I can do...It's about 13 cents per diaper. But some babies have to wear a certain type, so I'm lucky.

Martha said...

YEP you CAN'T beat Target's diapers, not even at SAMs. 144 size 3 diapers for $20! Yes my 2 1/2 year olds are still in size 3s leave me alone.

Nesser said...

LOL Martha. I'm glad I'm not the only one with skinny kids! It seriously looks like I'm trying to starve Abby, she's so skinny!