Monday, January 31, 2011

Blizzard? Really?

So I guess it's supposed to snow- around 12-18 inches is what they're saying right now. Cuh-razy. Schools were cancelled and the Governor declared a state of emergency before one single, solitary flake fell.

So I had to go to WalMart after work. Yes, I know it was dumb, but since I didn't do my shopping this weekend, I had no option.  Yes, it was crazy. And no, I have nary a picture to share. My phone was nearly dead. Bleh.

But I had the happiest, most polite checker ever. He loved his job. I know-he told me. He was actually a Customer Service Manager, but he looked about 19. Although I can see why they would promote him. I've never had such good service at a WalMart. EVER. Bobby at the 71st Street store. Tell him I sent ya. :)

He asked the couple in front of me, and then me, "What was the best part of your day?" I told him it was getting the news that we would be closed tomorrow. But what a great question and way to focus on the customer.

What was the best part of YOUR day?

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Rachel said...

The best part of my day yesterday was shopping at WalMart BEFORE it got insane!!!